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No matter the occasion or location, The Exhibit House can deliver on your next event.
Promoting a company-wide initiative? Perhaps a new product reveal? Working on a trade show booth design? Does it need to be flexible to accommodate indoor and outdoor use? Are you interested in executing a customizable brand experience? These are just a few of the topics we consider when developing an event. Our aim is to design an on-point experience that fires on all cylinders.

What We Offer


We understand that our culture is rapidly shifting, and you need to be at the forefront of those shifts in order to remain relevant year after year. Whether it be product integration, augmented or virtual reality, wayfinding, or a network of touchscreens, we can help engage.


Sometimes events need to occupy multiple venues spanning multiple dates. We take that into consideration when planning for your event. Our designers and engineers are pros when it comes to factoring flexibility into anything we build.


We believe that what gets measured gets improved. We can help you anticipate customer experiences, and place tools along the way to help you best engage your audiences and be equipped to succeed at your next event
• Account + Project Management
• AV & Interactive Integration
• Lighting + Rigging
• Lead Capture
• Attendee Experience Mapping
• Booth Staffing and Training
• Onsite Labor and Supervision
• Web-based Inventory Management
• Strategy + Planning + Program Management
• Environmental Graphic Design + Production
• Engineering + Fabrication
• Warehousing + Logistics
• Storage + Inventory Management
What about setup & dismantle?
No problem. Our team can be available wherever and whenever you need us to provide as little or as much assistance with set up and dismantle as desired. We can even deliver, pickup, and store if desired.
Rain or shine?
All-weather solutions do require a few extra considerations, but it’s nothing we can’t work around. We want your event to weather the storm, so you can rest easy knowing that our team will keep your event dry, comfortable, and securely in place.
Where do I begin?
For starters you’ve landed on the right website, so good job! Next, peruse our portfolio to gain some inspiration, compile any questions, and then give us a call, or take your time by filling out our short project questionnaire – and you’ll be well on your way to an event that people will flock to.

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