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Trade Shows

Whether you’re a trade show pro or newbie, you’re in good company with your allies here at The Exhibit House.
We intimately understand the unique challenges that can arise within this ever-evolving industry of trade show booth design. In fact, we work extra diligently to stay ahead of those challenges by regularly inviting vendors to present the latest and greatest, constantly testing and prototyping, or huddling as a team to review project objectives and learn from project outcomes, just to name a few – all for the sake of your peace of mind. Here’s how we can help…

What We Offer

Massive rental inventory

For those who want to look amazing while remaining budget-friendly.

Global network

Trade show anywhere with our Ally-Approved partners around the world.

Complete turnkey process

From concept to transportation and from dismantle to storage, we can take care of everything.

Collaborative strategy

Tell us what to do, or (our favorite) let us imagine something amazing.

You get what you see

No surprises here. We present photo-realistic 3D renderings as well as 2D ready-to-print graphics – all to scale and showing your actual products.
• Account + Project Management
• AV & Interactive Integration
• Lighting + Rigging
• Lead Capture
• Attendee Experience Mapping
• Booth Staffing and Training
• Onsite Labor and Supervision
• Web-based Inventory Management
• Strategy + Planning + Program Management
• Environmental Graphic Design + Production
• Engineering + Fabrication
• Warehousing + Logistics
• Storage + Inventory Management
Are trade shows for everyone?
“No” may be the answer you receive from some exhibit company’s, but we believe the answer is a resounding, “Yes!” We can say this because we’ve worked with budgets of every range, seemingly impossible timeframes, and companies from just about every industry. We also believe that, if done properly, trade shows can easily be your most profitable marketing asset for your business.
How should I trade show?
With an Ally, that’s how. Don’t make the mistake of wasting your resources by going to a trade show simply because your competitors do. We can help you trade show with a plan that will yield the ROI, leads, and experiences to elevate your brand and set you apart.
Where do I begin?
For starters you’ve landed on the right website, so good job! Next, peruse our portfolio to gain some inspiration, compile any questions, and then give us a call, or take your time by filling out our short project questionnaire – and you’ll be well on your way to a winning trade show strategy.

View Some of our favorite Trade Shows

Looking for an Ally?

If you don’t like to be sold to, want to feel confident about who you work with, or want to be amazed by what we can do together, then you’re ready for an ally.
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