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Mobile Exhibits

There’s not a more effective marketing strategy than to put your trade show on wheels.
If you like the idea of combining a trade show booth design, an event, and personalized customer interactions with the added benefit choosing when and where to show up, then a mobile exhibit is the way to go. We’ve worked with many brands to bring their products or services directly to their customers. Doing so allows you the rare opportunity to tailor a one-of-a-kind event within a convenient time and location for your customers, and do so quickly. The Exhibit House team can take you where you want to go.

What We Offer

Peace of mind engineering

When it comes to keeping your products and technology safe and secure within your mobile exhibit, we rely on our engineering team to keep things where they should be when miles of driving, potholes, or sharp corners are on the horizon.

We know unique spaces

Contrary to outward appearances, trailers typically are not square on the inside. We’ve worked with just about every shape of trailer known to man, even one shaped like a giant football! We know how to maximize these unique spaces so you’ll be sure to get the most out of every nook and cranny.

Tough stuff

Not unlike trade shows, the exhibitry within mobile spaces needs to hold up after thousands of hands have touched, pressed, bumped into, or in any way tampered with over the course of many stops. We know what works and what doesn’t.
• Account + Project Management
• AV & Interactive Integration
• Lighting + Rigging
• Lead Capture
• Attendee Experience Mapping
• Booth Staffing and Training
• Onsite Labor and Supervision
• Web-based Inventory Management
• Strategy + Planning + Program Management
• Environmental Graphic Design + Production
• Engineering + Fabrication
• Warehousing + Logistics
• Storage + Inventory Management
How do I know what type of vehicle is for me?
You certainly have a large selection to choose from… semi trailers with double expandable slide-outs, coaches, pull-behind trailers, vans, and even custom rides. Much of it depends on your specific goals, what you want to show, and who you want to show to – all of which we can help identify.
Is the investment worth it?
If you have a product or service that is easy to demo, transport, and would benefit from hands-on interactions, then we highly recommend considering a mobile exhibit. Fewer settings offer you greater one-on-one customer engagement, brand exposure, and marketing leverage.
Where do I begin?
For starters you’ve landed on the right website, so good job! Next, peruse our portfolio to gain some inspiration, compile any questions, and then give us a call, or take your time by filling out our short project questionnaire – and you’ll be well on your way to a mobile exhibit for any occasion.

View Some of our favorite Mobile Exhibits

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