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QuikLab – Rapid Response Vehicle

Care, Delivered. Time is critical, and in these critical times we aim to make patient care quick and easy for our dedicated healthcare professionals.

Our Quiklab allows for mobile access to college campuses, office parks, airports, and anywhere immediate care is vital. Fitted for testing, vaccines, or general patient care — we can completely transform these vehicles to meet your needs. All design and fabrication is performed under one roof out of our facility in Indianapolis, Indiana.
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Standard Features

Interior Lining

Each Quiklab comes standard with a durable, lightweight interior lining that protects against the roughest wear and tear. Liners are insulated, designed to reduce road noise, are easy to clean and meet FMVSS302 to contain fires and prevent warp damage. Liners cover ceilings, walls, and doors, and are fitted for an attractive, finished look in either white or gray.

Climate control

A Roof mounted heating & cooling unit allows for additional climate control throughout the entire Quicklab cabin, and is operated via an attractive, dual LED temperature/lighting control panel, conveniently mounted in the location of your choosing. In addition, control panels also operate the cabin lighting. Dual climate controls for split cabins are available as well as voice activated climate control.


We offer several attractive, antimicrobial vinyl flooring options to choose from when designing your Quicklab. The flooring is durable, easy to clean, and allows for wheeled seating to move about freely. We offer wood-like finishes to more commercial, or industrial finish options to compliment your brand.


Low profile, high efficiency LED lighting illuminates the entirety of the Quicklab cabin. Lighting is controlled via a dual LED temperature/lighting control panel, conveniently mounted in the location of your choosing. Need more or different lighting sources? We can accommodate it.

Optional Features

Custom Branding

Inside and out, top to bottom — we’ve got your Quicklab covered when it comes to marketing your brand on the open road. We provide partial or complete exterior and interior printed graphic decals and wraps, as well as window perforations, clings, vinyl lettering and magnets. Each graphic that we print is high resolution, able to be PMS color matched, is rated for exterior use and features UV protection. Need updated graphics? Not an issue! We simply peel off the old graphics with no damage done to the vehicle, and start fresh with brand new graphics.


No need to drive around hunting for a spot to plug into for power. You can choose to have your Quiklab fitted with a 30Amp 3kW diesel generator with a 50’ cord and a 1800 Watt power inverter — plenty of juice to power refrigerators, laptops, tvs, phones and tablets, and any medical equipment needed. Generators have a runtime of 8 hours between fill-ups, are quiet, and protected against the elements. Additionally, standard 120V outlet options are available for interior and exterior placement.

Antimicrobial Surfaces

When keeping work spaces clean and sanitized is a priority, we respond by providing an array of attractive, durable antimicrobial surfaces to help protect against the growth of bacteria and fungi for a more hygienic environment. Your Quiklab can feature high pressure cabinet and worktop finishes that reduce microbe count by up to 99.5% within 2 hours, as well as numerous varieties of antimicrobial vinyl flooring that are sure to complement your brand. All surfaces are durable and easy to clean.

Custom Storage

We aim to keep your supplies and equipment organized and securely in place while on the road. Cabinets remain shut until you open them, and easily lock for added security. We can separate the main cabin into sections, allowing the main front half to act as the work space, while the smaller back half acts as storage accessible via Quicklab rear doors where larger items like folding tables and chairs can be kept. Whatever the need we can design and build the storage to accommodate it.

Backup Cameras & LED Scene Lighting

Visibility = security — whether you’re operating at night or during the day, inside or outside, we can illuminate any setting with specialty lighting and cameras to help better serve and protect those within your midst.

Motorized Awning with LED Lighting

Extend your care with a durable, lightweight, and attractive motorized awning operated via a remote control or wall-mounted control panel. Awnings are available in black or white, and come in 8’, 10’, or 12’ lengths with an 8’ projection, plus no legs to hassle with! No need to worry about lighting as the awning features a generous LED light source to help add visibility.

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