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However you show, Amaze.

The Exhibit House is a multi-industry exhibit provider and trade show booth design company whose people believe that the best person to have on your side is an ally.
We continually hear from clients that our team is relentless to cater to their needs, going well beyond the efforts of exhibit companies they’ve previously worked with. We design, build, and install trade show exhibits, showrooms, and just about anything else that shows off a brand in a live environment. For 40 years we’ve worked with clients from around the world, many who have remained with us for nearly as long. They stick around for a few reasons – our strategic guidance, our creativity, our craftsmanship- but most of all because they know they can rely on us to serve their best interests and help them achieve amazing results, no matter what it takes.

We’re not in the trade show business – GASP!

We’re in the Making Our
Clients Successful business.
Trade shows, events, and other forms of live marketing are all great vehicles for client success. But as vehicles, they require the right kind of fuel. We’ve learned from experience that the best, most potent form of fuel is a healthy combination of strategy, creativity, craftsmanship, and customer support. Providing that fuel is what we do.

By keeping overhead costs down, we’re able to focus squarely on serving our clients rather than on selling our services. This means we never muddy the waters with things our clients don’t need. It also means we can be uncommonly flexible and responsive in how we help clients. We call this approach, “service over selling.”

Service Over Selling

“Service over selling” is the
very core of our business.
Most of our clients are preparing for battle, usually in the form of a trade show, an event, or another live marketing environment. At such a time, they don’t need a sales pitch. The need ammunition. They need around-the-clock logistical
support. They need reinforcements for when things get dicey. They need an
ally who will do whatever it takes to ensure victory.

We realize this might sound a little peculiar in an image-obsessed industry. But nearly 40 years in the business has taught us this: The one thing our clients don’t need is a sales-oriented vendor. In fact, they don’t need a vendor at all. They need an Ally.

Your Ally in Amazing

Why We Ally.
We define Ally as…
“One who possesses an intimate understanding of the
terrain ahead, is trusted to cover your back in tight spots,
and always comes through with the right plan of attack.”
The people we serve trust us as their exhibit and trade show booth design ally because we’ve proven that we have what it takes to deliver a winning plan of attack, event after event. This is why 80% of our family of clients have looked to us as their exhibit ally for two decades or more. We believe your exhibit should achieve the outcomes you’re after, so we make it our mission to position your biggest marketing asset to deliver above and beyond what’s expected.
• established in 1980 with 50 current, full-time team members
• strategically located in the Crossroads of America (Indiana) for quick access to anywhere in the U.S.
• complete turn-key partner
• provide service to a diverse range of industries
• latest design, engineering, production and fabrication tools and software
• 115,000 sqft facility

Looking for an Ally?

If you don’t like to be sold to, want to feel confident about who you work with, or want to be amazed by what we can do together, then you’re ready for an ally.
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